About Motivational Momentum

Amanda Sharman  Director and Practitioner

I believe in personal development, and empowering individuals to be the best they can be.

My prime focus is finding solutions to the challenges faced by individuals and companies in the modern-day work place.

My particular specialism is stress management. Using the combined techniques of Motivational Maps and EFT, I work with individuals and teams to learn how to deal with the ever-increasing pressure in the work place.

As a qualified life coach, motivational mapper & EFT practitioner, I have considerable experience in the private, corporate and public sectors – most notably in the teaching profession.

Howard Sharman – Director and Practitioner

I am an experienced sales professional with a keen interest in helping people to improve their sales skills and levels of motivation through coaching using Motivational Maps.

My role is to help companies, managers and individuals find out what makes them tick and bring about transformation in their level of motivation leading to enhanced performance and productivity.