Motivational Mapping for the Student

Developing learning and reward strategies

Motivational Mapping for Students

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Why is Motivation Important for Young People?

Children are born with a tremendous amount of motivation, which helps them to grow and learn. However, as children progress through childhood and into adolescence, this motivation can lessen. Whilst key people in a young person’s life can have an impact on these levels of motivation, unless these people know what motivates them, the strategies they employ may not have the desired effect. 

Motivational Mapping is an innovative diagnostic tool which identifies a young person’s core motivations, enabling teachers, youth workers, parents and guardians to develop learning and reward strategies to ensure effective engagement.


Key Initiatives that Motivational Maps can help you deliver –

Differentiation  Being able to identify a children’s key motivators within the classroom enables teachers to tailor lesson plans to appeal to and engage with these children effectively. Therefore, differentiation can be based on the key motivators as opposed to purely on ability. We understand that a school cannot re-write an entire scheme of work to suit every child. But the knowledge of children’s motivators can be used when planning group work-based activities. These activities can be planned to engage with one of each individuals top three core motivators. The lesson can be structured around three or four activities which allow students to meet the same learning objective, but in different ways.

Personalised Learning  The Student Motivational Map has a direct correlation to the key components of the Personalised Learning Agenda. It provides young people with a greater understanding of what motivates them, therefore enabling them to become active partners in designing their learning, and to make real choices. The provision of reports for the parents or guardians, students and teachers provides a mechanism for the school to engage pupils and parents as partners, and provides a useful tool for any mentoring relationship that is established.

Independent Learning  Independent Learning focuses on the creation of opportunities and experiences necessary for students to become capable, self-reliant, self-motivated and life-long learners. The Student Motivational Map helps teachers to develop meaningful learning activities that they know will lean towards a student’s individual motivational preferences. It also provides the students with a level of self awareness, which helps to reduce their dependence on schools and teachers for their learning and assists them to take a more independent approach.


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How does it work?

The Student Motivational Map is an online diagnostic tool built to identify a young person’s motivational mix. This is based on nine key motivators each grouped into three clusters: Relationship, Achievement and Growth.

The three Relationship Motivators are:

The Defender – seeks certainty and stability

The Friend – seeks belonging and friendship

The Star – seeks recognition and social esteem

The three Achievement Motivators are:

The Builder – seeks money and material rewards

The Director – seeks power and control

The Expert – seeks knowledge and expertise

The three Growth Motivators are:

The Creator – seeks to be original and creative

The Spirit – seeks freedom and independence

The Searcher – seeks meaning and making a difference

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What is the process?

Following completion of a short online questionnaire by the young person, we will produce three reports.

          ・The Individual Report

                    ・The Parent/Guardian Report

                             ・The Mentor Report

Each report is tailored to provide details of the young person’s top three motivators, lowest motivator and current levels of motivation. The Parent/Guardian and Mentor reports also provide tips and strategies that can be used with the young person to help improve their motivation. 

A group report can also be produced which allows any size group to be profiled, enabling analysis of group motivation and a detailed understanding of the dominant motivators within a group. A table showing the data for all students is contained within the team report, along with a single page summary for each student. This report is used regularly by teachers wishing to understand the motivational profile for their students but who do not have the time to research in detail, thirty mentor reports. 


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