Motivational Mapping

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Motivation is an invisible force, an internal energy. Assessing and improving motivation are essential to enhancing performance.

Which is why Motivational Mapping needs to be an integral part of your business strategy.


What is Motivational Mapping? 


The Motivational Map is not a personality test, or a psychometric profiling tool, it is a self perception inventory.

The Motivational Map is a diagnostic instrument that works on the individual, team and organisational levels to produce an astonishingly accurate account of where ‘energies and emotions’ are being directed, and how strong they are.

The original Motivational Map was created by James Sale through his extensive research into human motivation and the study of three primary sources: Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Edgar Schein’s Career Anchors and The Enneagram, a personality profiling tool.

The Motivational Map is based on three clusters of motivation: motivation through your relationships, motivation through your own achievements, and motivation through your individual growth.

Within these clusters are nine individual motivators. Of these, three will typically be stronger, with one as a core motivator. Motivational Maps technology asks some simple, yet pertinent questions that generates a unique, individual map, detailing the contribution of each motivator and how this can affect personal performance. The Motivational Map is presented as an easy-to-read report that accurately describes an individual’s drivers, and practical steps they can take to make use of this self knowledge.


How we work with you

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Working with the individual and their manager we can help to unlock the door to enhanced self-awareness and higher performance.

For an individual, Motivational Mapping is a tremendous aid in personal development and better career choices.

For management it is ideal for coaching and managing staff effectively, and can be used for meaningful performance appraisals, in the recruitment process and in improving retention of the ideal staff.

An individual’s happiness and success at work, and therefore the success of the team and the organisation, is partly determined by whether or not their core motivations are being met.

Using Motivational Maps we can help you to understand what makes you and your staff tick.

We can then implement coaching and reward strategies that are focused specifically on the individuals to transform performance, leading to improved recruitment, employee engagement, staff retention, superior performance at all levels and ultimately to higher profitability.


How can Motivational Mapping

work for you?


Motivational Mapping is available for individuals, managers, team leaders, HR professionals, teachers and coaches. Whichever solution you select, you can be sure it will provide a solid foundation on which to build an action plan for better performance and personal satisfaction at work.



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